John Durham revealed in a newly unsealed court filing that Igor Danchenko, the lead contributor to the Steele dossier, was hired by the FBI as a confidential informant from 2017-2020.

Judge Bruce Reinhart unsealed more of the FBI affidavit that led to the raid on Trump’s home.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, has acknowledged publicly, for the first time, that the agency, gave false information regarding COVID19 vaccine safety monitoring.

Railroad management and unions reached a tentative agreement early that averted a nationwide freight rail strike. Here are the details.

The media has been left wondering that while the market collapses and inflation increases, the Biden administration held a celebration party at the White House. They have no idea what is going on.

CDC gave misinformation to Facebook👇

SHOCKING: Emails expose CDC gave FB misinformation about vaxes, embalmers confirm strange clots inside corpses _Trailer

#CDC declined to provide key data for vaccine safety analysis👇

#Durham #FBI #CDC

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DURHAM: Danchenko an FBI Spy; CDC admits to giving false info; New Affidavit Details: Trump’s right
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