Ericeira is a small coastal town located 50km from the Portuguese capital Lisbon. It’s often referred to as the surfing capital of Europe, with surfers from all over the world heading to its golden-sand and rocky beaches with great conditions. But apart from its surf-scene, Ericeira is also becoming increasingly popular among travelers. this is because of its amazing sunsets, beautiful coastline, and relaxing yoga vibes. We’ll now dive into 7 things to do in and around Ericeira.

7. Walk the town
Even though Ericeira is no longer the traditional fishing village that it once was, it’s been able to retain its authentic character. With traditional white houses and cobbled streets, it’s fun to walk around the town and get lost in the narrow alleys. There’s also a wide selection of great restaurants and bars, like Amour Soul Café for happy hour drinks, Pepe Verde for pizza, and purple ice for its açai bowls.

6. Watch the sunset
Since Ericeira is located on the west coast of Portugal, it has some amazing sunset views over the ocean. One of the best sunset spots is right in the town center above Praia dos Pescadores. From here you can see the whole beach and take in the beautiful orange, red, and pink colors.

5. Friday night @ Quiksilver
Another fun thing to do in Ericeira is to visit the Boardriders Quiksilver. It’s located right outside of town and next to it is a skatepark. But even if you’re not interested in skateboarding, it’s a fun place to hang out, especially on Friday nights. With live music, food, and drinks, surfers and travelers come to chill and socialize here.

4. Hike at Tapada de Mafra
Located about 15km from Ericeira, Tapada de Mafra is a recreational space that was once used by the Portuguese royal family as a hunting ground. Nowadays, it has turned into a lush forest, inhabited by wild animals such as deers and wild boars. It’s a great place for hiking, biking, and simply enjoying nature. Surrounded by a 21km stone wall, this place has an official entrance and is only open during the day. You have to pay 5 euros to get in and there are multiple trails you can follow.

3. Day trip to Mafra Palace & Gardens
A more popular place to visit in Mafra is its National Palace. You can combine this activity after a hike at Tapada de Mafra on the same day or do it a day trip from Ericeira on its own. Built in the 18th Century on the orders of King Jaõa V, this palace covers an area of nearly 40,000 square meters. There are endless rooms, an imposing Basilica, and a library that you can visit. In fact, the library is thought to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Behind the palace, there is also a small garden with birds, flowers, a fountain, and a picnic area.

2. Hit the beaches
If there’s something you can’t miss in Ericeira, it’s definitely the beaches. Pescadores and Sul are two sandy beaches close to the center of town. But if you prefer more quiet beaches and you don’t mind driving out of town, there are also tons of other great options (Praia de São Lourenço, Praia de São Julião, Praia da Calada, and Praia da Foz do Lizandro).

1. Surfing
You cannot leave Ericeira without having surfed at least once. Ericeira was recognized as one of the best surf destinations in the world when two of its beaches (Empa Beach and São Lourenço Beach) were classified as a World Surfing Reserve. But if you’re new to surfing, we recommend taking a few surf lessons at beaches with smaller waves. We joined a surf class at Praia do Matadouro, which had decent waves for beginners, but actually had a rocky bottom. So be careful if you fall off!

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