Porto is located in northwest Portugal along the Douro River and a must-visit travel destination. From its stunning old town to its authentic cuisine and romantic viewpoints, Porto has so much to offer. These are the best things to do in and around Porto:

10. Visit at least one of the many churches
The most beautiful ones include: Igreja dos Clérigos, São Francisco Church, Igreja do Carmo, and the Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto)

9. Admire the architecture at the Livraria Lello
The building dates back to 1906 and is often nicknamed the “most beautiful bookshop in the world” due to its blend of different architectural designs.

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8. Try the local food
Worth trying: tripas, bacalhau à brás, sardinhas, and francesinha

7. Walk the riverfront (Cais da Ribeira)
This is one of the liveliest parts of Porto, and a great place to walk, dine, and sightsee.

6. Go on a cruise of the 6 bridges
From the water, you can admire the beautiful landscapes and red-roofed buildings of Porto as well as Vila Nova de Gaia. All while learning about the historic bridges that connect both cities. Boat tours leave from the riverfront in Porto (Ribeira Quay) and last about 50 minutes.

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5. Take in a view of the city
Best viewpoints: Miradouro da Vitória, the street next to the Porto cathedral, Passeio das Virtudes, Miradouro da Ribeira (for sunset), and from the waterfront of Vila Nova de Gaia.

4. Day trip to Peneda-Gerês National Park
Located near the Spanish border, the Peneda-Gerês national park is a 2 hour drive from Porto. It’s the oldest protected area and the only national park in Portugal, covering about 695 square kilometers.

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3. Day trip to the Douro wine valley
The Douro wine valley is where the famous port wine is produced and it’s known as the first demarcated wine region in the world. But besides its wines, this valley is also worth visiting for its incredible landscapes, nature, and history. We spent two days in Peso da Régua and enjoyed wine tasting, hiking, and learning all about the region.

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2. Visit the wine cellars at Vila Nova de Gaia
While less idyllic, Vila Nova de Gaia is also known for its port wine. In fact, all the port wine produced in the upper Douro Valley would historically be transported here in barrels on traditional boats (rabelo boats). This is why the riverbanks of Porto today are filled with wine cellars and tasting rooms. Most wine cellars offer wine tastings and guided tours.

1. Free walking tour of the city
During a 2.5 hours guided tour, you’ll see the main highlights of the city, like São Bento train station, Café Majestic, Aliados avenue, and much more. But you’ll also get some recommendations to eat, go out, and have fun. This tour leaves a few times per day from the Liberty Square (Praça da Liberdade).

Free walking tour (the one we did!): https://www.freetour.com/porto/free-tour-oporto?referralID=ZdvRXrkURXUfA7zT&campaign=PortoVIDEO

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0:00 Intro
1:31 Visit the churches
2:17 Lello bookstore
3:05 Try local food
3:55 Walk the riverfront
4:51 Cruise of the 6 briges
5:39 Porto viewpoints
6:40 Peneda-Gerês National Park
7:35 Douro Wine Valley
8:32 Vila Nova de Gaia
9:25 Porto free walking tour
10:45 More Porto tips

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