Sintra is located 30 kms to the west of Lisbon, in the center of Portugal. Home to ancient castles, extravagant palaces, and beautiful natural scenery, Sintra is an absolute must-visit. In this video we’ll show you how to visit Sintra as a day trip from Lisbon, including how to get there and the highlights that you can’t miss.

🚂 Getting to Sintra from Lisbon
The cheapest way to get to Sintra is by train. The train leaves from the Rossio Train Station in downtown Lisbon once or twice per hour. It takes about 45 mins to get to Sintra. We took the train at 9 AM, which allowed us enough time to visit the three main highlights. It is best to leave as early as possible, however, the castles only open their doors at 10 AM. Once you arrive at the train station, you will have many options to move around the town. You can either take a bus, a taxi, tuk tuk, or walk.

📍 Stop 1: Quinta da Regaleira
How to get there: 30 mins walking / 10 mins by taxi / 434 bus to Sintra Town + walk another 12 mins
Time needed: 2 hours

Sitting at the outskirts of Sintra’s historic center, the Quinta da Regaleira is easily walkable from the train station. It takes about 30 mins to walk there and you have nice views of the town center, flowers, and the Sintra National Palace on the way. Quinta da Regaleira was mainly designed by the Italian architect Luigi Manini in the late 1800s and is a shockingly beautiful estate. You can walk around a romantic palace, chapel, and a lush park that features the famous Initiatic Well, grottoes, and towers. We found the gardens especially peaceful. We recommend visiting this spot first because it’s less touristic and you’ll find fewer crowds during the morning.

📍 Stop 2: Castelo dos Mouros
How to get there: 16 mins by taxi / 434 bus from train station
Time needed: 2 hours

Located on a high rocky mountain above the town, the Moorish Castle is a spectacular site. To get here, we walked back to the train station and caught the 434 bus. With the bus ticket you can hop on and off as you please for the day. Alternatively, you can also take a tuk tuk or taxi from the center, which will save you more time at the ruins. The fortification itself was built in the 10th century during the time the Moors occupied the area. Its strategic position helped defend both the surrounding territory and the maritime access routes to the city of Lisbon. It is fun walking on the castle walls and taking in the unique views over the town and the Atlantic Ocean.

📍 Stop 3: Pena Palace
How to get there: 3 mins by taxi / 15 mins walk
Time needed: 2.5 hours

For your last main stop of the day we recommend the famous Pena Palace and Park. It’s only a 15 mins walk from the Moorish Castle and it’s less crowded at the end of the day. This is the most famous attraction in all of Sintra for a good reason. The Palace stands in a 200 hectare park, filled with colorful flowers, small ponds, and beautiful viewpoints. Once you step inside the palace itself, you’ll be amazed by the blend of vibrant colors and beautiful architecture. You can also explore the interior and get an idea for the history of this palace, which once served as a holiday residence for the Portuguese royal family.

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Sintra As A Day Trip From Lisbon:

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