Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre has emerged as a key figure in a state of Mississippi welfare fraud scandal, and it’s caused Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe to lose his mind. Sharpe’s rambling tirade manages to include Terrell Owens, Donald Trump, and EBT cards. Jason says Sharpe’s commentary exposes him as a hypocrite and a racist. “This is what happens when you act black and live white.” Jason goes point for point on Sharpe’s claims and adds his insight as a former colleague of the Pro Football Hall of Famer. Steve Kim joins the show to add his fearless take on Sharpe’s comments. Royce White hits the Favre welfare scandal from the political angle and claims the system is set up to be exploited. Former star of Netflix’s “Last Chance U” coach Jason Brown gained attention with his critique of Kyler Murray. He joins Jason for more breakdowns of the quarterback position in the NFL and why he believes Lamar Jackson isn’t going to land the big bucks. Plus, our man Primetime Alex Stein was recently “detained” by Capitol police for harassing Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Stein shares the rest of the story with “Fearless.”

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