It is well known that Ben Shapiro’s villain origin story is being rejected by ‘woke’ Hollywood when he attempted to become a screenwriter. Well now with his wealth he has amassed from his conservative punditry and books he is a hotshot movie producer.

One of his more infamous movies is ‘Terror on the Prairie’ starring conservative actor Gina Carano. Recently, viral tweets claimed the movie only made $804 dollars at the Box Office prompting a response from Carano herself.

I break down the DW movies and why they will never be successful

.00:00:00 – Ben Shapiro needs a safe space
00:04:00 – Why Gina Carano collabed with Ben Shapiro
00:08:00 – Their film only made $804 !?
00:12:50 – Why Ben Shapiro is making movies
00:18:20 – Ben Shapir fans review his movie
00:23:00 – The film is too offensive for Christians !?

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