The country of Luxembourg is situated in western Europe and borders Belgium, France, and Germany. With an area of 2,586 square kilometers (998 sq mi), Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in all of Europe. But in spite of its size, this country has deep historical roots and offers a lot of diversity. From the rocky gorges in the east to the river valleys in the north and medieval towns with castles perched in between. We’ll now dive into our top 7 interesting places to visit and things to do in the country of Luxembourg.

7. Echternach
Echternach is located in the east of Luxembourg, right next to the German border. It is known as the oldest town in the country, dating back to the end of the 7th century when the Abbey of Echternach was established. Today, you can find a lovely open square, beautiful historical buildings (including the Abbey of Echternach, the adjoined Basilica of Saint Willibrord, the Roman Villa and the Orangery), and cute restaurants. This town makes for a great stop while exploring the countryside, or as a base to explore the unspoilt Mullerthal Region.

6. Mullerthal
The Mullerthal Region itself is probably the most unique area in all of Luxembourg. With an abundance of mysterious caves, small waterfalls, dense forests, and sandstone rock formations, this region is best explored on foot. Experienced hikers can tackle the challenging 112 km (70mi) Mullerthal Trail, which combines forests, rocky crevices, fields and villages. But if you just have a few hours or a day, we recommend hiking shorter trails so you can explore the highlights (i.e. Schiessentümpel waterfalls, Huel Lee Cave, Kallektuffquell).

5. Esch-sur-Sûre
Situated in a river valley in north-western Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Sûre is one of the tiniest villages in the country. Here, it seems as if time has stood still. You can see the remains of an old castle on the hill, with narrow streets surrounding it. In our opinion, Esch-sur-Sûre is an idyllic place that deserves a quick stop to take in the views.

4. Clervaux
Located in northern Luxembourg, Clervaux is another countryside town that is worth a visit. Not only is it home to the beautiful Clervaux castle, but you can also walk here in the surrounding forests and hills or explore the small town center and nearby Abbey.

3. Bourscheid
Bourscheid is a small town in north-eastern Luxembourg, known for the country’s largest and most dramatic castle. But besides that, this village is located right next to the river and surrounded by rolling, green hills. Thus, it’s a great place for camping, swimming, and hiking. The long-distance Escapardenne Lee Trail runs through this area, and offers breathtaking views of the river valley (Gringlay View Point).

2. Vianden
Vianden is our favorite town in all of Luxembourg. Located in a valley along the Our River, this village enjoys an idyllic setting. But its main attraction is undoubtedly the Vianden Castle, which has been beautifully restored since 1977 when it passed into state ownership. You can easily combine a visit to the castle with a stroll through the town or a scenic ride on the chairlift.

1. Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City is the vibrant, cultural capital city of the country with an interesting layout. The city is divided into two sections: the High City (Ville Haute), which is the medieval town center situated on a cliff face, and the Low City (Ville Basse), which is located in the ravine that runs through the city. And while the low city is more peaceful to stroll around, the high city has most of the tourist attractions. Highlights include the Cathedral (Notre-Dame Cathedral), the palace (Palais Grand-Ducal), the Casemates, and the scenic Corniche.

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