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CNN; Tobin out; Stelter out; John Harwood; What about Don Lemon/Jussie Smollett; Trump Racist


Through WikiLeaks, we found that John Harwood, a debate moderator, emailed a letter to Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, bragging about a question he had put to Donald Trump. He also emailed advice on dealing with the challenge posed by Dr. Ben Carson. Staffers for newsmen Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer of CNN contacted the Democratic National Committee to seek questions they might put to Republican presidential candidates. There were many other examples of flat-out collusion, well beyond the liberal bias we’ve come to expect.

Don lemon calls trump “a racist“ – – it was in a clip we played recently, I just want the Don Lemon calling Trump “a racist” part

CNN Hires Ex-NYPD official, Intelligence Expert John Miller

Whoopi and Co. Upset With Negative Reviews for Lord of the Rings Show, Blame it on Racists

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